Money in the Bank Registration

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SSN: XXX-XX-XXXX or EIN: XX-XXXXXXX (Please include dashes)

Race Tire Selection will be Based on Entry Date

Monday, June 11 2018: Pits open-8am / Tech Opens-10am / Practice Begins 12noon / Qualifying 5:00pm / Race Program 6:30pm


Event: 150 Green Flag event. Competition Yellow every 50 green flag laps


Starting Field: 1-24 locked in from qualifying: 25-30 Last Chance. (Fast Qualifier draws for 6-15 invert)


20 Minute Timed Group Qualifying (Berlin Format)Qualifying order determined by practice times. (fastest - slowest)  Max 3 cars on track at once starting with fastest 3 cars. Driver may wait /pass up on position being sent out. Once 1 car comes off another goes out. Drivers may go out as many times as they want during 20 min. qualifying session (Allotted time may be altered based on car count) 


6 Tire Max Race Event: Left F-45 and Right F-45 (4-Qualifiers/Start of race & 2 additional to take anytime during event) Tires Qualified /Raced on must be purchased at the track


Controlled Pit Stops: Cars will lose position but may come to pit road during a caution & will not go a lap/laps down providing car is back out within 4 completed pace car caution laps. Multiple cars that pit together will return to the track in the same order they came in, providing they return within the 4 caution laps.


Rules: Berlin follows the 2018 ARCA/CRA Super Late Rules noting any changes listed. 


MITB Qualifying Purse- 1)$2,000 2)$1,500 3)$1,200 4)$1,000 5)$750 6)$500 7)$300 8)$200 9)$150 10)$100

MITB Race Purse: $20,000 to Win
2)$10,000: 3)$5,000: 4)$4,000: 5)$3,000:  6)$2,500: 7)$2,200: 8)$2,000: 9)$1,800: 10)$1,600: 11)$1,500: 12)$1,400: 13)$1,300: 14)$1,200: 15)$1,100: 16)$1,000: 17)$950: 18)$900: 19)$800: 20)$750: 21-30)$700 to start